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How can we turn to fiction for a reality check?

Mark Oshiro, the award-winning YA author of Anger Is a Gift--winner of the 2019 Schneider Family Book Award and finalist for a 2019 Lambda Literary Award--and the newly released Each of Us a Desert, discusses with Julie and Eve how the rapidly-growing genre of speculative fiction provides authors and readers alike the perspective and imaginative scope to help grapple with the reality of 2020 while envisioning a different future. Mark also explains what sensitivity readers do--and don’t do--and why they’re so important.

Anger Is a Gift

*31st Annual Lammy Finalist forLGBTQ Children’s/Young Adult category*

*2019 ALA Schneider Family Book Award Teen Winner*

*Buzzfeed's 24 Best YA Books of 2018*

*Vulture's 38 Best LGBTQ YA Novels*

*Book Riot's Best Books 2018*

*Hyable's Most Anticipated Queer YA Books of 2018*

*The Mary Sue's 18 Books You Should Read in 2018*

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