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LIVE from Miami Book Fair 2021

LIVE EPISODE: If you love Jane Smiley, this episode is for you. Eve and Julie are joined by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author in an interview that was recorded live for Miami Book Fair 2021. They discuss Jane’s most recent book, Perestroika in Paris, as well as Jane’s writing process, beloved pets, and what it’s like to be a writer in Paris.

Unlike every other interview we’ve aired so far, this interview is completely unedited. Typically, our interviews last close to an hour, and then we edit them down to 20-25 minutes before adding our own interstitials to make an episode. If you’ve ever wondered how we do what we do, here’s your chance to experience the “before” of the Book-Dream process.

Miami Book Fair is an “eight day literary party” founded by Miami Dade College that’s been held every November in Miami, Florida since 1984. The Fair plays host to more than 450 international authors reading and discussing their work, as well as more than 250 publishers and booksellers exhibiting and selling books, with special appearances by antiquarians showcasing signed first editions, original manuscripts, and other collectibles. Many thanks to our friends at Miami Book Fair for coordinating this episode with Jane.

Perestroika in Paris



“A sparkling screwball-comedy treat . . . If ever there were a year when we could use some light relief, 2020 is it. Perestroika in Paris couldn’t have come at a better time . . . It’s hard to imagine anyone not enjoying this wistful charmer of a book.” Seattle Times

“A cozy, fairy-tale trot through the City of Light . . . Delightful, heartwarming . . . An appealing balm for harsh times . . . It’s such a joy when an author whose work you’ve been reading for decades surprises you with something unexpected . . . An especially welcome reminder of the bright spots even in dark times.” —

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